Cinema EOS C100. Cinema quality with EF lens mount capability.

University Journalism and Film departments, this is y0ur camera!  The C100 is true cinema quality for independent event videographers and video production as well. The C100 is compatible with most of your existing Canon accessories.  Also Canon has a great line up of cinema lenses as well.

Sennheiser LP 500 PRO. Save Time, Yours!

  The cable free LSP 500 PRO is the newest integrated wireless speaker solution.  With swift set up and ultra fast clean up, any job will be a breeze with this time saving and expense lowering solution. This Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO has optimum audio connectivity.  Use as many as three wireless links, Bluetooth streaming […]

Whats a good , Cost efficient Broadcast Camera ??? JVC GYHM790CHU !!!!!

This is my first post , and why not start with one of the most important brands and products that VSA has to offer . The GYHM790CHU is a Broadcast camera that natively records to .mov, .avi format so for you the Apple user when you go to edit the clips automatically appear (drag, drop […]

GYHM790 w/ lense