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  • Canon LX-MU500Z

Canon LX-MU500Z

  • Brand: Canon
  • Product Code: LX-MU500Z
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Projector Specifications

Imaging Device
.48" / 1-chip DLP
Aspect Ratio
Native Resolution
1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
5000/3750lm (Normal/Eco)*1*2
Contrast Ratio
Digital Keystone
V: ±30°, H: ±30°


F Number, Focal Length
F1.81 - F2.10, f=14.3mm - 22.9mm
Image Size
Wide: 60" - 300", Tele: 60" - 200"
Throw Distance
Wide: 1.75 - 8.74m, Tele: 2.80 - 9.32m
Throw Ratio
1.36 - 2.18:1
Lens Shift
V:±50%, H:±23%

Image Adjustments

Image Modes
Presentation, Standard, sRGB, Movie, DICOM, User 1, User 2
Color Adjustment
Color Temperature, Color, Tint, 6-Axis Color Adjustment, BrilliantColor
Screen Color Correction
Off, Light Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Blackboard
Adjustable Feet

Image Signals

Scanning Frequency
V: 24Hz - 119.989Hz, H: 15.63kHz - 101.563kHz
Analog PC Input
Digital PC Input
Component Video Input
1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
Digital Video Input
1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p (supports audio input)
Dot Clock
162 MHz (Maximum)
Video Input/ S-video Input


Mini Dsub15
Input Analog PC, Output Component Video
Digital PC / Digital Video Input
Digital PC / Digital Video Input
Mini DIN4
RCA x3
Video Input / Audio-L / Audio-R
RJ-45 (HDBaseT)
Network Connection (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)(HDBaseT and normal network switched automatically)
Dsub9 (Control)
USB Type A
Power Out (5V)
USB Mini B
Service Port
Mini Jack
Input Analog PC/Component, Output Audio

Remote Control

Wireless Remote

Built-In Sound

Internal Speaker
10W, Monaural

Light Source

Blue Laser Diode/ Yellow Phosphor Wheel
20,000 hours*5


Fan Noise
37/35dB (Normal / Eco)
Power Consumption
530W/415W (100 -~ 120V) (Normal / Eco), 490W/395 (220 ~240V) (Normal/Eco)*4
Standby Power Consumption
0.4/1.5W (100 -~ 120V), 0.5/2.0W (220 ~ 240V)(Network Settings OFF/ON)
Power Voltage
AC 100 - 240V: 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature
32°F - 104°F (10% RH - 90% RH)
19.6 lbs.
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17.7" x 6" x 14.9"



*1: Brightness other than Normal is a calculated value and is not guaranteed as a specification
*2: For protection of product, light emission from light source may be decreased when external temperature rises
*3: Full white, full black, Image mode set to presentation. Light source turns off when full black is projected. Dynamic contrast ratio.
*4: Eco value is calculated only and is not guaranteed as specification
*5: Calculated value, not a guaranteed value

Native WUXGA Resolution (1920 x 1200)

Canon's WUXGA resolution brings bright, true widescreen display of highly detailed HD video content and still images with outstanding color richness to large-room installations in high resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200) at a competitive price. Widescreen graphics, text and other visual content from laptops and desktop computers are shown in accurate proportions from edge to edge with sharp detail.

5000 Lumens and 50,000:1*2 Contrast Ratio Deliver Bright, Engaging Images

This projector projects bright 5000 lumen images with a 50,000:1*2 contrast ratio that helps ensure deep blacks, bright whites and excellent color. They feature clear depth and dimension, and great color accuracy, which is critical to those with discerning needs.

*2 Full white, full black, Image mode set to presentation. Light source turns off when full black is projected. Dynamic contrast ratio.

Laser Light Source Provides Longevity, Versatile Installation and a Wide Color Range

The projector's laser light source provides up to 20,000*1 hours in standard use of continuous, reliable, high-quality projection. Operation is virtually maintenance-free with minimal downtime, as the light source doesn't require routine replacement. This keeps running costs relatively low when looking at the total life of the product – a key consideration for challenging and hard-to-reach installations.

Other advantages of the laser light source include installation flexibility and more.

360° Projection*5

Because this projector uses a laser light source instead of a conventional lamp it can be installed at any angle on a 360° axis facing in any direction.

Wider Color Gamut

Because the laser light source produces a wide range of colors, the projector covers the sRGB color space to deliver millions of colors.

*1 This is an estimated value, actual hours may vary depending on usage and environment. This is not a guarantee of the life span of individual laser diodes.

*5 Air vents should not be blocked. See User Manual for recommended installation.

1-chip DLP® Technology

This projector utilizes Single-chip Digital Light Processing (DLP®) technology which is a widely utilized projection technology that creates natural and lifelike images. The DLP® technology utilizes a color wheel along with a reflective Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) to produce video and images with high brightness. The resulting high-resolution video and images maintain the details inherent in what you are showing.

Multiple Image Modes including DICOM Simulation Mode*3 for Optimal Image Quality Reproduction

The projector includes pre-set Image Modes and additional customizable Image Modes to suit a wide range of user preferences and projection environments.

(Multiple Image Modes)

Image Modes provide different variations of color reproduction characteristics suitable for the image type and projection environment. They include:

Standard: Ideal for bright rooms, and when using content from computer screens or motion picture content.

Presentation: Ideal for somewhat bright rooms when text needs to be clear, such as when part of a video presentation.

sRGB: Ideal for projecting images from sRGB-supported digital cameras.

Video: Ideal for rooms that are somewhat dark, and for video content.

2 Customizable Modes: Ideal for custom set-ups. Provides up to 2 user-selected combinations of image quality settings that can be stored in the memory and selected as an image mode.

DICOM Simulation Mode*3: Ideal for displaying medical images in non-diagnostic settings. Both Blue Base and Clear Base settings are supported.

*3 This projector includes a DICOM Simulation Mode. It has not been cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes.

Advanced Image Adjustment Options for Customizable Image Characteristics

The projector offers extensive image quality adjustments to help users customize the image to meet their specific projection needs.

Image Adjustments

The Image Adjustment settings allow users to customize the image and color characteristics to fulfill their specific imaging needs. These include:





   Color Adjustments



     Color Temperature

     Screen Color

Advanced Image Adjustments

These adjustments provide greater flexibility to professional users with more options to adjust the image as desired. These settings include:

    6-Axis Color Adjust: This technology lets users fine-tune the hue and saturation of each of the primary and secondary colors, providing a high degree of control that can make each projected image a "masterpiece."

Installation Versatility with Lens Shift, Corner Adjustment and More Install-Friendly Functions

Lens Shift

Manual vertical (±50%) and horizontal (±23%) lens shift allows for adjustment of the image with virtually no distortion.