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  • ikan EG04AS

ikan EG04AS

  • Brand: ikan
  • Product Code: EG04AS
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 Bowl Size  75mm 
 Bubble Level  Installed on GH04 Head 
 Collapsed Length  34.5 in.
 Counterbalance System  Installed, Fixed 
 Head Load Capacity  13.2 lb. Recommended 
 Leg Payload Capacity  33.1 lb.
 Material  GH04 Head: Plastic/Aluminum
 Legs  Aluminum 
 Max. Height  65.25 in.
 Min. Height  30.75
 Pan Drag Settings  Installed, Fixed 
 Pan Handle Style  GB1 
 Shipping Dimensions  37 x 8.5 x 8.5 in. 
 Shipping Weight  13 lb.
 Spreader Type  GS01 Mid-Level Spreader 
 Tilt Drag Settings  Installed, Fixed
 Weight  9 lb. (Full Kit, No Bag) 



Lightweight Tripod Kit with Ball/Flat GH04 Head (E-Image)

With 13.2 lb. Payload, 9 lb. Net Weight, and GA752S Legs


The EG04AS is the lightest and most versatile tripod kit in the E-Image lineup. With a net weight of 9 lbs. and a height range of 65.25-30.75", there isn't anywhere you can't shoot with this kit. After the tripod shots are done, you can remove the GH04 head from the GA752S legs and separate the 75mm ball to reveal a flat base to mount the head on a slider or jib.

GH04 Ball/Flat Fluid Video Head

The GH04 has a recommended payload of 13.2 lbs. and can switch from having a 75mm ball for tripod mounting to having a flat base with a 3/8-16 mounting point. To transition from ball to flat, simply use the included 3mm Allen wrench to loosen the three locking bolts on the underside of the 75mm ball mount and twist the ball mount counter-clockwise. Pan and tilt drag are installed and set at a fixed amount for light cameras. The same is true of the installed counterbalance.

GA7525 Aluminum Tripod Legs

The GA752S tiered tripod legs are the lightweight version of the incredibly popular GA752. The GA752S has locks on each stage of each leg and includes a GS01 mid-level spreader for added stability. Each leg also ends in a two-pronged spike for biting into soft ground, and each spike comes covered with a rubber foot to protect delicate surfaces.

Lightweight & Versatile

The EG04AS is made for travel and flexibility. Transport is easy and effortless, and setting up, whether you are using the 75mm or flat-based version of the GH04, couldn't be simpler. When shooting is done, everything can be tossed into the included SC-1 shoulder bag and hauled off to the next location in less than a minute.


• Incredibly Lightweight Tripod Kit (9 lb.)

• GH04 Head Converts from 75mm Ball to Flat Head with Included 3mm Allen Wrench

• GA752S Aluminum Tripod Legs Weigh Less Than Traditional E-Image Legs

• Max Height of 65.14", Minimum Height of 30.75", Collapsed Length of 34.25"

• Recommended Maximum Payload of 13.2 lb.

• Includes GB1 Pan Handle, GP1 Quick Release Plate, F3 Rubber Foot Covers, and GS01 Mid-Level Spreader

• Comes in SC-1 Padded Shoulder Bag

• Installed, Fixed Pan and Tilt Drag

• Installed, Fixed Counterbalance

• 2x Rosettes for Pan Handle Mounting, Plus One 1/4-20 and One 3/8-16 Mounting Point on GH04 Head


1x 3mm Allen Wrench

1x GA752S Tripod Legs

1x GB1 Pan Handle

1x GH04 Ball/Flat Lightweight Fluid Video Head

1x GP1 Quick Release Plate

1x GS01 Removeable Mid-Level Spreader

1x SC-1 Padded Shoulder

1x Set Of F3 Rubber Foot Covers