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  • Anton/Bauer LP2 Dual Gold Mount Charger

Anton/Bauer LP2 Dual Gold Mount Charger

  • Brand: Anton/Bauer
  • Product Code: LP2 Dual Gold Mount Charger
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LP Performance Charger Series

Anton/Bauer Part Number: 8475-0125

The advanced, simultaneous LP Performance Charger Series features an efficient multi-chemistry algorithm in a compact form factor. This design makes it ideally suited to fit on shelves, table tops or other tight spaces.
The LP Performance Charger automatically detects which battery has the strongest charge and prioritizes it, ensuring that a fully charged battery is always available in the shortest amount of time possible. Software constantly monitors the charging process and discharge curves to ensure that each battery is charged to its peak performance. Wi-Fi ready for ease of fleet management providing an ideal solution for rental facilities, ENG/EFP/OB vehicles and broadcast equipment depots.
The LP Performance Series is available in both Gold Mount® and V-Mount connectors and is the perfect complement to the Digital or Logic Series® batteries.

The LP2 Chargers allow for ease of travel or fitting in small spaces.
• 2 Position Simultaneous Charging
• 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Wide Range Input
• Field Upgradable Software
• 7.2in (18.28cm) x 9in (22.86cm)x3.6in (9.15cm)
• Weight: 3 lbs. (1.3 kg)
• MAXX II Warranty (2 year warranty)