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  • Mirror Image LC-150MP

Mirror Image LC-150MP

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Specifications LC-80MP LC-10MP LC-150MP
Viewable Size 8 in. 10.4 in 15 in
Brightness 400 NTS 350 NTS 300 NTS
Video Input Impedance .5 - 1.2 VP-P .7V P-P 7V P-P
Scanning Frequency - - -
Input Voltage 100-240 volt AC/12 volt DC 100-240 VAC 100-240 VAC
Resolution 640x480 800x600 1024x768
Power Consumption 9W (max) - -
Input Connector

RCA jack composite/ 15-Pin D-Sub

15 Pin D-Type 15-pin D-Type
Weight 12 pounds 14 pounds 17 pounds


LC Starter Series

SVGA/Composite Inputs

The perfect entry level prompter for those on a tight budget. This 15” SVGA color LCD system can get you prompting at a low cost. PLEASE NOTE, the included prompting software is used to reverse the text. Any third party software being used must have the ability to do so also. Prompter includes new 16 1/2:"x 15" trapezoid glass mirror and an adjustable height camera riser to fit almost any camera. Top of the line EZPrompt software, 25' cable and mouse controller for software. Monitor is 110/220 volts AC only.

This system recommended for indoor and outdoor use.