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November 16, 2016

Introducing VieBit 2.0

At LEIGHTRONIX, our products are continually updated and improved over time as needs change and the industry evolves. Since the inception of VieBit®, our flagship streaming service, we have regularly implemented changes based on customer feedback. Now, after months of hard work, our engineers have completed a host of new features for VieBit. The exciting changes below are completely focused on customer requests and our own understanding of the future of streaming video.

HTML5 (No More Flash)

HTML5As more and more devices and services are dropping support for Flash, we decided to make the transition ourselves to ensure your video reaches as much of your audience as possible. HTML5 support was one of the most requested features from our customers, and with current trends in streaming video only heading in that direction, we went all in for it. Your video content on VieBit will now stream in an HTML5 framework, ensuring compatibility with modern technology.

New Design

Going along with the updated HTML5 video specification is a brand new layout that gives more room for video-on-demand files. Users can quickly search through available videos with added page navigation in the VOD portion of the homepage.

More Customization Options

VieBit 2.0 adds a number of additional customizable features not present in the previous version of VieBit. In the updated “Site Branding” section, users with admin privileges will find a whole slew of new options for header designs, background images, and heading colors.

Note for current users: older headers and branding options will not necessarily transfer over. Make sure to review the “Site Branding” page and update where needed.

Improved Mobile Responsiveness

More and more audiences are using second screens as their primary method of viewership. Any organization streaming video needs to appeal to these individuals for complete audience coverage. Recognizing this, we at LEIGHTRONIX made mobile responsiveness a top priority. The updated VieBit website now automatically adjusts dimensions based on whatever device may be viewing it. A separate mobile banner can even be generated in the “Site Branding” section, ensuring consistent branding no matter what size the screen may be.

Dedicated VOD Player Page

After selecting a video from the VieBit homepage, VOD playout now opens in its own page. This added functionality and increased page size gives ample room for index points and allows different social media links.

Live Stream Schedule

Have an active live stream? Give your audience an up-to-date programming schedule right on your VieBit homepage. The user-friendly calendar interface in the admin settings lets you specify things like time, date, and time zone without any hassle.

Additional Changes

Along with the major changes above, we’ve also made some smaller, quality-of-life additions:

• Any changes to VOD metadata now save automatically.

• New embed options dictate whether or not an embedded video will play automatically.

• Additional folders organized by date are automatically generated under parent folders for VOD files.

Streaming Service

The VieBit™ streaming service makes it easy to deliver high quality HD/SD video to a worldwide audience. Annual VieBit subscription plans allow you to choose video-on-demand streaming, live streaming, or both options. Each VieBit plan includes a custom branded interface for displaying and managing your video, personalized URL, and the bandwidth you need to stream to your viewers. VieBit video-on-demand also provides an online video library with hundreds of hours of storage for your videos.

• Streaming Bandwidth
• Online Video Storage for VOD
• Viewing Statistics
• Custom Website with Player and Control Panel
• Mobile Device Compatibility
• Integration with LEIGHTRONIX SD and HD/SD Servers

Custom Branded Website
When you subscribe to the LEIGHTRONIX VieBit streaming service, you receive your own website where viewers can access and you can manage your video stream. Easily brand the site to fit your station or organization, starting with a completely customized URL address. Specify a hostname ("cityofwoodstone" in the example below) that describes your station, organization, or channel content.

Further brand your VieBit website by swapping out the default site header with your own custom graphic and change the site's title text. Link your VieBit header to another website, such as your station's home website.


IncodeX Stream

HD/SD Streaming Media Encoder

The IncodeX Stream™ encoder creates a high quality H.264 HD or SD live stream for Internet delivery when paired with an annual VieBit live subscription plan.

IncodeX Vier
H.264 HD/SD encoder

A truly versatile, multi-purpose encoding solution, the IncodeX Vier™ simultaneously creates high quality video/audio streams for live streaming and live point-to-point broadcasting as well as files for video-on-demand streaming and scheduled broadcasting.

HD Digital Video Server/System Controller

The E-HD2™ high-definition video server is equipped with two independent HD video channels and also has the ability to send broadcast quality files to VieBit for Internet video-on-demand streaming.

Digital Video Player/Recorder

Remotely record high-definition digital video files and transfer to the E-HD2™ or destination of your choice with the LABvault-HD™.

SD-SDI Digital Video Server/System Controller

The UltraNEXUS-SDI™ records high-quality digital media files for television rebroadcast while simultaneously creating files optimized for Internet video-on-demand streaming. Also included are two independent digital playback channels that can be scheduled for 100% automated display.

Digital Video Server/System Controller

The UltraNEXUS™ records high-quality digital media files for television rebroadcast while simultaneously creating files optimized for Internet video-on-demand streaming. Also included are two independent digital playback channels that can be scheduled for 100% automated display.

Digital Video Recorder/Player

Remotely record digital video files and transfer to a compatible LEIGHTRONIX server, video-on-demand service, or destination of your choice with the LABvault-SD™