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  • Leightronix IncodeX Stream

Leightronix IncodeX Stream

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Live streaming solution

The LEIGHTRONIX live streaming solution is the smart way to immediately provide viewers with your programming through the convenience of the Internet. The IncodeX Stream™ HD/SD streaming media encoder and VieBit™ streaming service work together to make live streaming both easy and affordable.

• HD/SD Live Streaming Media Encoder
• Streaming Service Annual Subscription
• H.264 Digital Video Stream
• Simultaneous Stream Distribution
• Custom Website with Player and Control Panel
• Accepts Composite and HD/SD-SDI Video

• Superior H.264 Video Compression
• Real Time Digital Encoding Hardware
• Delivers Single Digital Video Stream to the VieBit Streaming Service
• HD/SD-SDI and Composite Video Inputs
• Embedded and Analog Audio Support
• Rack Mountable

Streaming Service

Give viewers online access to events while they are occurring by combining the IncodeX Stream live streaming encoder to the VieBit™ live streaming service.