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  • Streamstar X4

Streamstar X4

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 HD-SDI Input  4 
 HDMI Input  1 
 IP Video Stream Input  
 External Source Input with keying over HDMI / DVI / IP inputs  ● 
 HD-SDI Output  ● 
 GPU based HDMI Output (Multiview grid / PGM)  ● 
 HDMI Output (PGM)  ● 
 SDI / HDMI Embeded Audio  ● 
 Audio Monitor  ● 
 USB / PCIe Audio Card Support  ● 
 All Channel Replays  ● 
 Slow Motion Replay Playback  ● 
 Media - Unlimited Playback  ● 
 Playlists Media Management System   ● 
 Real time camera preview, Media, Graphics  ● 
 Switching / Mixing / PIP/Split layouts   ● 
 External Multi-screen  Extended Screen output using HDMI Configurable to:
 full PGM / 4 Inputs grid / All 4 Inputs + PGM grid
 Graphics DSK - unlimited  4 layers of DSK with full transparency support
 1. CG - Character generator output
 2. OVERLAYS - animations in .flv or images in .png format
 3. LOGO (BUG) - animations in .flv or images in .png format
 4. INGEST - HDMI/DVI Input with keying
 Internal Character Generator with Templates  ● 
 Recording  ISO recording of all cameras in MPGEG2 Intraframe
 HD: MPEG2 @ 18 Mpbs or SD: MPEG2 @ 8 Mbps
 Simultaneous Stream Recording H.264 / mp4 at streaming  settings
 Live streaming  Up to 720p @ up to 10Mbps / RTMP (H.264 + AAC)
 RTMP & MPEG-TS simultaneous output  ●
 Audio Mixer  Integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, audio follow video,  muting, peaking...
 Supported Video Input Formats  720p25; 720p29.97; 720p30; 720p50; 720p59.94;
 720p60; 1080p25;
 1080p29.97; 1080p30; SD
 Video Processing  Full 4:4:4:4 / ARGB / progressive video processing
 Form Factor  2RU rack-mount system


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Professional results at an unbeatable price

A victory for every production company, that needs a feature-rich system at a price point that doesn’t bust their budgets. The versatile and full-featured Streamstar® X4 offers a winning trifecta of price, performance and flexibility not found in any other product in this category. Packaged in a 2RU chassis, the system supports a variety of inputs and offers a wide range of professional features including Streamstar's renowned replays and slomo on all channels, media playlists, a host of graphics capabilities, an internal character generator and of course the brilliant, intuitive, touch screen user interface.


 Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen user interface
 4x HD-SDI Input
 1x HDMI Input
 4x IP Stream Input
 IP Video Stream Inputs from JVC streaming camcorders
 IP input for SCOREPLUS – scores, timers and titles app.
 Integrated JVC Camcorder Remote Control
 External signal ingest with keying (for PowerPoint, Keynote, Facebook, GoPro or even a smart phone camera)
 1x HD-SDI Video Out 720@50/60p
 1x HDMI Video Out - PGM
 1x HDMI/Display port Video Out - multiview or PGM (GPU based)
 Streaming up to 720@50/60p @ 10 Mbps
 RTMP & MPEG-TS simultaneous Output
 Cut / Crossfade / Transitions Automated Switching Modes
 Instant Replays with Slow Motion Playback on all cameras
 Replays Matrix Playout system with Playlists
 Dynamic Replay Camera Switching
 Sequential Replay Playback with Automation
 Replay Lead In / Out animations
 Monetizing system with Advertising statistics
 Ingest on/off Automation in replays
 Internal Character Generator with templates
 4 layers of DSK – CG / images or animations with transparency
 Instant, unlimited Video Clips Playback – No transcoding!
 Unlimited Playlists – Media management/playout system
 PIP and Split Screen Layouts
 HD Recording (PGM)
 ISO Recording (all cameras)
 PGM Stream Recording (simultaneous)
 2nd display Multiview Grid
 Multi framerate 50fps / 60fps operation
 True 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing
 Full featured Audio Mixer
 Built-in proprietary Streamstar® Encoder
 Popular Streaming Platforms Integration
 Touch Screen Control, Single operator production with touch screen monitor attached
 NOTE: monitors and keyboard not included


Dedicated Streamstar® SW KEYBOARD
This clearly labeled, color coded keyboard, makes the creative work with Streamstar® SW even faster. Recommended for professional productions and users who require the most used custom keycommands to be readily accessible from a keyboard. It is also a superb way to learn the Streamstar® SW key commands and shortcuts

Streamstar® SCOREPLUS
Streamstar® SCOREPLUS blends groundbreaking technology with a brilliant design to deliver a high-quality, easy-to-use sports graphics package at an affordable price tag. An intuitive and efficient GUI allows users to concentrate on creativity rather than spending precious time on training and tedious tasks. The application will support most major sports in the world with a selection of ready-to-use and custom graphic templates.