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  • Wohler AMP1-E8-MDA

Wohler AMP1-E8-MDA

  • Brand: Wohler
  • Product Code: AMP1-E8-MDA
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Wohler Part Number: 8102-0070
Rack Height: 1RU
Weight: 18.0 lbs (8.2 kg)
Dimensions: 1.75x19x13.5" (45x483x343mm)
Power Consumption: 72W Max
Signals Monitored: Analog;AES/EBU;HD/SD-SDI;Dolby;SD-SDI
Analog Inputs: 8 Balanced Analog Inputs on DB-25
Analog Outputs: 2 Balanced Analog Outputs Summed from Selected Source on XLR; 8 Balanced Analog Outputs from Selected Source on DB-25
AES/EBU Inputs: 4 Unbalanced AES Input Pairs on BNC; 4 Balanced AES Input Pairs on DB-25
AES/EBU Input Termination: 110 ohms balanced; 75 Ohms unbalanced
AES/EBU Input Sampling Rate: 32-48 kHz, auto-detecting
AES/EBU Outputs: 4 Balanced AES Loop-through Output Pairs on DB-25; 4 Balanced AES Outputs from SDI on DB-25
SDI Inputs: 2 3G/HD/SD-SDI Inputs on BNC
SDI Input Termination: 75 Ohms unbalanced
SDI Outputs: 1 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocked Output on BNC
Dolby Inputs: 2 Dolby-E/AC-3 Inputs on BNC
Dobly Outputs: 4 Dolby-E/AC-3 Decoded Outputs on BNC; 1 Unbalanced AES Mix Output from Dolby-E/AC-3 on BNC
Level Meters: 8 x 26 Segments (Vertical)
Level Meter Scale: 0 to -60 dB
Level Meter Threshold: 0, +4, +6, +8 dBv: switch selectable
Level Meter Dynamics: Simultaneous VU & PPM
Level Meter Resolution: 1 dB
# of Video Displays: 0
Display Characteristics: LCD
Display Modes: Data Only
Aural Sound Outputs: Wohler Speaker System;Headphone, Mutes Speakers
Acoustic Distortion: 8% or less worst case frequencies above 180 Hz including cabinet resonance, typically < 2%
Electrical Distortion: <0.15% at any level below limit threshold
Frequency Response (1/6 octave): 80 Hz - 20 kHz (+ or -5 dB); (-10 dB @ 50 Hz, 22 kHz)
Peak Acoustic Output @ 2 feet: 98 dB SPL
Hum and Noise: Better than -68 dB below full output
Power Output: High Frequency: 5W (7W Peak) RMS (each channel); Low Frequency: 11W RMS (16W Peak)
Other Features (1): Comprehensive downmix capability; Phase correlation indication; Software is field upgradable
Other Features (2): Storage for ten preset monitoring settings for easy recall
Other Features (3): Alternate scales, color mappings and features such as phase correlation or sum & difference may be specified at the time of order



Advanced 8-channel dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded Dolby D, E and AES audio processor with metering and alternate undecoded Dolby, AES and analog inputs. Mix, monitor, meter and convert to AES and analog.

The Wohler AMP2-E8-MDA is a legend in broadcast audio. Reliable, familiar and powerful, E8’s are the benchmark for  Dolby-capable, 8-channel audio monitoring. While its 2-unit chassis is ideal for the best sound quality, we also realize space is often at a premium.

Thus we introduce the AMP1-E8-MDA, complete with everything you know and love about the E8 series, with the addition of 3G capability. The AMP1-E8 Series multi-format audio monitors provide a complete, exceptionally high-quality audio monitoring solution capable of monitoring audio from Dolby E, Dolby Digital (AC-3), HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and analog signal sources.

The sleek design provides optimally focused sound for operators in an ultra near field environment (1 to 3 ft.) and offers performance comparable to that of many separate monitor pairs without installation hassles and awkward speaker placements. This enables a higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.

The AMP1-E8’s are suited to providing high quality, multi-channel, digital and analog audio monitoring in a compact unit. Ideal for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite links, cable TV facilities, and on-air radio studios.