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  • Sony LMD-A240

Sony LMD-A240

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Code: LMD-A240
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October 2017
Sony is pleased to introduce PVM-A250/A170 & LMD-A240/A220/A170 VERSION 2.0 FIRMWARE. Free of charge .
New features will include
4K Production Enhancement
– Color space: ITU-R BT.2020/DCI-P3/S-Gamut 3.cine
– EOTF: 2.6/S-Log3(SDR)/S-Log2(SDR)
– 2SI Payload ID support
Graphics Application Enhancement
– Color space: Adobe RGB, sRGB
– Color temperature: D50
Shopping Channel Enhancement
– Flexible area marker
On-set Monitoring Enhancement
– Sync-Free Side by side
– False color
– Audio muting
24-in Production Video LCD Monitor  


End-Users who purchase a LMD-A240 qualify for a $125.00 Instant Rebate
September 30, 2019

The LMDA series professional monitors combine slim, lightweight, lower power consumption with an easily portable design. The new LMD-A240 24-Inch has a new low latency automatic I/P conversion, on screen tally and yoke mounting screw holes just like the new PVMA series Trimaster monitors. These new designs deliver more flexibility and ease of use for live program production, on set and broadcast truck applications. The LMDA240 will have the newest Software V1.1 will be out in July 2014. •Camera and lens metadata display, •Picture & Picture display, •2048 x 1080 display with shift functions and much more. Sony also has re-engineered their entire design, from the chassis to the IPS LCD panel, using new advanced material and parts. The result is a savings in space and weight which directly affect’s logistical expenses.

The LMD A240 new software V1.1 will consist of •Camera and lens metadata display •Picture & Picture display including oWipe mode (like BVM E) oAuto SDI switching for camera matching oSide by side display oBlending oDifference display •2048 x 1080 display with shift functions and Normal/Native display •Dual Link inputs •New Markers oGrid display oCenter marker •Anamorphic display o1.3 to 2.39 and 2.1 to 2.39 •Flip function for low angle use with steadycam rigs oFlip H, Flip V, Flip H&V •Chroma up function for camera black balance adjustment •DC low power indicator (flashing power LED indicator) •5 user presets •Password lock •User reset for rental companies •New power on settings oLast memory oUser preset oDefault •New f Key assignment shortcut •Functioning Auto white balance •Operation time display •Line doubler mode for checking field dominance •AFD (active format description) switches aspect ratio according to metadata •On screen tally at the bottom of the screen selection

• Superb picture quality and stable color reproduction 17, 22 and 24 inch picture size displays (viewable area measured diagonally) Precision imaging achieved using high resolution LCD panels LMDA170 offers 1920 x 1080 pixel display LMDA220 offers 1920 x 1080 pixel display LMDA240 offers WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Pixel display Multiple color gamut display (SMPTE C, EBU, ITU-R BT709 and Native)
• New video processing engine with better image accuracy 
• Internal Waveform monitor with zoom and line select features 
• Internal Vectorscope with zoom 
• Both EIA/CEA 608/ 708 digital closed caption decoder 
• Monitor any of the 16 audio channels on the SDI input 
• Focus assist with adjustable colored edging 
• Time code display 
• Uses the same control system as the PVM 741, PVM 1741A, and PVM 2541A 7 “F” key design for instant access to menu selections
• Frame rates from 23.98 to 60 Both Ethernet and parallel remote control
•  Multi format input signal support including 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p 
• 3G/HDSDI/SDI, HDMI, and composite inputs 
• Embedded audio decoding and display 
• Lighted Control Panel