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  • Canon XF-200

Canon XF-200

  • Brand: Canon
  • Product Code: XF-200
  • $2,499.00


Available Package
9593B020: XF200 ENG Backpack Kit
XF200, Lens Hood with Lens Barrier, Eyecup, Battery Pack BP-955, Battery Pack BP-975, Compact Power Adapter CA-930, DC Cable DC-930, Wireless Controller WL-D6000, Microphone Holder Unit, Ikan iled144, Sennheiser MKE 600, XLR Cable, Think Tank Airport Commuter Backpack, Canon XF Utilities Disc
Price $2,699.00

The Canon XF200 is a compact, high-performance Professional Camcorder designed to fulfill a broad spectrum of shooting requirements for users working on sports production, ENG, documentaries, commercials and corporate shoots, as well as for independent movie productions, government applications, film schools, colleges, weddings and other event videography. The camcorder features a wide-angle 20x optical zoom lens with three control rings, full image stabilization, infrared capabilities, flexible MXF/MP4 dual recording at various data rates, two/four-channel audio recording, a network interface and dual-band Wi-Fi®.

A versatile Canon 20x HD wide-angle video lens captures images with outstanding clarity across a broad 26.8–576mm* zoom range. A wide dynamic range gamma setting prevents overexposure even for bright areas of an image and/or with non-uniform colors. An eight-blade circular aperture provides natural and visually pleasing bokeh. Three separate lens rings offer independent control of focus, zoom and iris/aperture settings. A new Five-Axis Dynamic SuperRange OIS System further reduces the effects of camera shake, and a new rotating handgrip enables comfortable camera positioning at all shooting angles from high to low.

Dual-frequency Wi-Fi® and a CAT-5 Ethernet connector enable browser preview during shoots, in addition to FTP transfer to external PCs or laptops. The XF200 can also be used with Canon’s new RC-V100 Remote Controller to provide full access to all important user functions, including start/stop, shutter/gain, zoom/focus/iris, white balance, black gamma and more.

*35mm equivalent

• 26.8mm Wide, 20x Optical Zoom Lens with 3 Separate Lens Rings
• AF options (Instant AF, Face Detection) and Reduced MOD
• Enhanced Image Stabilization Performance
• Ergonomic, Rotating Grip
• Equipped with Wide DR Gamma (600%) Mode and Refined, 8-bladed Circular Aperture
• Infrared, High-sensitivity Shooting Function with Enhanced Exposure Performance
• Professional 0.45-inch Color Viewfinder and Precise 3.5-inch OLED Panel
• MXF and MP4 Dual Codec Recording
• Slow and Fast Motion Function Supported (MXF)
• 35 Mbps 1440x1080 Recording Supported for Broadcast Usage (MXF)
• Three Memory Card Slots
• 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Dual-frequency Built-in Wi-Fi® Capability
• Ethernet LAN Terminal
• Browser Remote, FTP File Transfer (MXF/MP4) Functions Featured
• Four-channel Audio Recording

Standard Accessories
Lens Hood With Lens Barrier
Microphone Holder Unit
Battery Pack BP-955
Compact Power Adapter CA-930
DC Cable DC-930
Wireless Controller WL-D6000
Data Import Utility