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  • Sony SMADP3


  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Code: SMADP3
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The SMAD-P3 “MI Shoe Adaptor” allows for cable-free attachment of the UWP-D series wireless microphone receiver unit (URX-P03 Portable Diversity Tuner)) to various “MI – Multi-Interface” shoe enabled Sony camcorders and still cameras.

• Completely cable-free operation, allows simple and effective shooting without the need for external cables connecting the wireless receiver to the camera.
• Transfer of audio signals from the receiver to the camera through the Multi-Interface connector.
• Allows for feeding power from the camera to the receiver via settings on the receiver.
• Power supply automatically switches to power from the camera when batteries are not inserted in the receiver. The camera on/off switch controls the receiver’s power.
• Operating the wireless receiver without batteries can reduce the weight and the “front heavy” balance of the camera.
• The SMAD-P3 is applicable to XDCAM Camcorders PXW-X70, PXW-X160, PXW-X180, PXW-X200, and PXW-FS7, PXW-Z150, NXCAM models HXR-MC2500 and HXR-NX100, Handycam models FDR-AX100, NEXVG900, NEX-VG30, and interchangeable lens digital cameras Alpha 7, Alpha 99, Alpha 7R, Alpha 7s, and DSC-RX10.