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  • JVC FS-900

JVC FS-900

  • Brand: JVC
  • Product Code: FS-900
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Digital Video, Camera to Base   
 Number of Channels  1 Per Camera
 Interface  SMPTE ST259, ST292, ST424
 Data Rate  270Mbps, 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps
 Input/Output Level  800mVp-p
 Input/Output Impedance  75 Ohms
 Number of Outputs at Base  2 Per Camera


Digital Video, Base to Camera   
 Number of Channels  3 Per Camera
 Interface  SMPTE ST259, ST292, ST424, HDMI**
 Data Rate  270Mbps, 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps
 Input/Output Level  800mVp-p
 Input/Output Impedance  75 Ohms
 Connectors  BNC, HDMI***
 **HDMI camera output is only available on Return channel #3 for prompter use, only SMPTE compatible resolutions are supported. All inputs at base unit are SDI.  ***Return channel #3 output has both a BNC and an HDMI connector, all other outputs are BNC only.


Video, Genlock   
 Number of Inputs  1 + Loop Output
 Type  Analog Black Burst, Tri-Level
 Impedance  75 Ohms
 Connector, Camera Unit  Internal
 Connector, Base Unit  BNC (x2)


Audio, Camera to Base   
 Type  Embedded in Camera’s SDI video
 Number of Channels  Max supported by camera


Audio, Base to Camera   
 Number of Channels   2
 Type  Balanced Analog Line-Level, mono
 Level  +4dBu nominal, +24dBu max.
 Connector, Camera Unit  DB9
 Connector, Base Unit  DB25


 Number of Channels  2
 Interface  2-Wire or 4-Wire
 Compatibility  RTS, Clear-Com
 Connector, Camera Unit  XLR-5
 Headset MIC Type  Dynamic
 Headset MIC Impedance  200 Ohms nominal
 Connector, Base Unit  DB25


RCP Camera Control (Remote)
 Number of Channels  1 Per Camera
 Connector, Camera Unit  Internal
 Connector, Base Unit  6 pin Mini-DIN (x3)


 Number of Channels  1 Per Camera
 Data Rate  10/100/1000 Base-T
 Connector, Camera Unit  RJ45 Cat5e
 Connector, Base Unit  RJ45 Cat5e (x3)


 Number, Base to Camera  1 per Camera
 Number, Camera to Base  1, from Camera # 1 only
 Inputs  Unbalanced, 15Vp-p max
 Outputs  Unbalanced, 3Vp-p
 Connector, Camera Unit  Internal
 Connector, Base Unit  BNC


 Number, Base to Camera  3 per Camera (Red, Green, Spare)
 Number, Camera to Base  1 Per Camera
 Inputs  Short to GND or TTL Low to Activate
 Outputs  Relay Contact Closure (30V, 2A max)
 Connector, Camera Unit  DB15
 Connector, Base Unit  DB25


 Operating Wavelengths  1471-1611nm
 Tx Laser Output Power  0dBm (Class 1 Laser)
 Receiver Sensitivity  -20dBm
 Fiber Compatibility  Single-mode
 Optical Connector Types  opticalCON DUO, SMPTE 304M


 Dimensions (HxWxD)  
 Camera Unit  8.2” x 6.7” x 4.2”
 Base Unit 3.5” x 19” x 16” (2RU) 
 Environmental  0 to 50°C, 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing.
 Power Input, Base  IEC320, Universal Input, 90-250VAC, 50-60Hz
 Power Input, Camera  
 Remote Power  Hybrid Fiber Connector
 Local Power  Battery Mount ((Anton Bauer or (Optional) V-Mount))




The FS-900 is a new camera mounted Fiber optic system designed for JVC's GY-HM890 ProHD camcorder. Built exclusively for JVC by MultiDyne® Video & Fiber-Optic Systems, the system supports 3G-SDI 1080p/60 camera feeds and returns, and takes advantage of the camera's built-in streaming engine for video-over-IP functionality. 

The camera module connects directly to the back of GY-HM890 camcorder via 68-pin interface—no external cables required—for full studio functionality. It transports multiple bi-directional 3G-SDI signals as well as control, audio, sync, and intercom between the camera and the FS-900 Base Station. 

Up to three cameras are supported by the Base Station, and its redundant power supplies provide up to 150 watts for each camera, as well as prompters and talent monitors. Its three-in-one configuration provides a more cost efficient solution than other multi-camera solutions previously offered by JVC and other manufacturers. 

With built-in gigabit Ethernet, the lightweight, 2 RU Base Station also allows video-over-IP, control and advanced configuration. The high quality 1080p video signals are ideal for webcasts, virtual sets, and image magnification (I-MAG) applications. The system integrates easily with any studio, mobile truck, or portable flypack, and connects directly with a facility's switcher, router, intercom, and house sync systems.


• Cost-efficient three-camera studio configuration with single base station. 

• Supports 1080 50/60p 3G-SDI camera feed and returns. 

• Camera adapter design allows to use VF-HP790 or generic SDI monitors as studio VF. 

• HDMI / SDI feeds for high-quality HD teleprompters. 

• Gigabit Ethernet for Video-over-IP and web-based RCU. 

• Dual redundant power supplies. 

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