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  • JVC DT-V17G25Z


  • Brand: JVC
  • Product Code: DT-V17G25Z
  • $3,750.00




The DT-V17G25 is a near EBU Grade 1 LCD monitor with outstanding color gamut, gamma and grayscale characteristics suitable for field, studio and broadcast image evaluation. Its 10-bit panel and wide gamma range make it ideal for critical image evaluation. The monitor is fully capable of displaying 2048 x 1080/24p (DCI 2K) signal.

(Click here for comparison of the DT-V field/studio monitors.)


The DT-V17G25 reproduces highly accurate colors in native 1920 x 1080 resolution. The two most critical factors, gamma and grey-scale gradation, have been improved to meet the demands of production studios and broadcast networks. The monitor offers 3 gamut modes: ITU-709 (default), Adobe and User (DCI).

The DT-V17G25 is a near EBU Grade 1 LCD monitor. In addition to color gamut, luminance ranges and color temperature that meet EBU specs, two critical factors — gamma and grayscale performances — were also improved to satisfy the discerning requirements of studio and professional applications. 

High 1500:1 Contrast Ratio 10-bit IPS (In ?Plane Switching) Panel

The DT-V17G25 is equipped with a 10-bit IPS LCD panel, which surpasses the EBU Class 2 requirements in terms of color space, gamma and gradation. It is capable of reproducing 1.073 billion colors. It also offers a contrast ratio of 1500:1, wide gamut, and wide viewing angles of 178°/178°. 

Analog-based Picture-quality Evaluation Technology with Contour Enhancer

Helps eliminate aliasing to make pictures appear more natural. 

• 17-inch class (16.5-inch viewable) 10-bit IPS panel with 1.073 billion color reproduction 

• High 1500:1 Contrast Ratio 

• Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels 

• Fully capable of displaying 2048 x 1080/24p (DCI 2K) signal 

• Built-in Histogram, Waveform, Vector Scope, Zebra 

• Built-in Audio Level Meter up to 16ch 

• Lissajous audio metering 

• 3 Gamma Preset Modes 

• Wide array of markers and indicators 

• Two 3G-SDI & Dual Link inputs 

• IMD (in monitor display) 

• Optimized I-P conversion 

• Supports the EIA/CEA-708 and EIA/CEA-608 SDI closed captioning standards 

• Color Temperature settings (9,300K, 6,500K, 5,600K or User mode) 

• IP modes: Normal, Field, and Cinema (24p) 

• Pixel-by-pixel (1:1) display 

• Time code display (SDI) 

• Built-in stereo speaker 

• Tiltable stand with 2-way installation capability 

• Carrying handle