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Sling Media Sling Studio

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The free SlingStudio Console app turns your iPad* or Mac* into your portable production studio, allowing you to act as director and producer simultaneously. Monitor your feeds and easily switch between cameras in real time. Import your own graphics and videos, create text overlays and lower-thirds, update the scoreboard and use dynamic compositions like picture-in-picture and a quad view.

SlingStudio Console and Capture app are also available in the Canadian App store.




The industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform. Monitor, record, switch, edit and stream live HD-quality video wirelessly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, Restream.io and other RTMP destinations. It's portable, affordable and easy to use.

New Features Added August 2018


Use chroma key in your productions, including using live video sources as backgrounds. This was one of our most requested features, particularly by K-12 schools wanting to broadcast their morning announcements.


Import your own motion graphic overlays using chroma keying and use for animated lower thirds, logos, etc.


Switch between video sources automatically using custom time intervals or voice-activated switching.


Special low-delay mode optimized for teleconferencing with a remote location. Great for corporate customers!


Ability to reorder video sources, ability to live stream without a storage device (SD/USB) when not recording, instant replay intervals increased up to 10 minutes, additional PIP positioning options, and more.

Audio/Video Inputs

Wireless Video Inputs

Up to 4 monitored sources via Wireless 802.11ac connectivity, supporting up to 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p30 video

Up to 2 monitored sources via wireless 802.11ac connectivity, supporting up to 1080p60 video 

Supported wireless sources* via 802.11ac: 

•Cameras/camcorders* with HDMI output (requires CameraLink, sold separately)

•iPhone 6* or higher (requires Capture app - free download from Apple App Store)

•Select Android phones* with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher (requires Capture app - free download from Google Play)

HDMI Input

•Video: HDMI Type A connector - 1080i60, 1080p30, 720p60 and 720p30

•Audio: 2-channel embedded audio (48 KHz, 16-bit)

HDMI Video Output

HDMI Type C connector supporting up to 1080p60 video output of program/quad view. Zero-latency option available in HDMI passthrough mode for an HDMI input source.


Analog Audio Input

3.5 mm port for line-level, 2-channel unbalanced input (mic-level input requires external pre-amp or mixer)

AV Sources Supported

•Up to 10 connected sources and 4 monitored sources* in 1080p30/720p60/720p30 modes. Some example combinations include: ◦2 smartphones, 1 CameraLink, 1 HDMI input

◦3 smartphones, 1 HDMI input

◦3 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink, 1 HDMI input

◦4 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink

◦4 smartphones

•Up to 2 monitored sources.* Some example combinations include: ◦2 cameras/camcorder via CameraLink

◦2 smartphones

◦1 camera/camcorder via CameraLink, 1 smartphone

Multi-Camera Monitoring

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 video sources on iPad* or Mac* (requires free download of Console app from the Apple App Store)


Video Recording Formats (MP4)
•H.264 High Profile 4:2:0
•1080p60 up to 30 Mbps
•1080p30 up to 16 Mbps
•720p60 up to 16 Mbps
•720p30 up to 4 Mbps

Audio Recording Formats (AAC-LC)
2-channel 48 KHz, 16-bit up to 320 Kbps

Multi-Stream Recording (MP4)
7 simultaneous recordings of: 
•4 video sources/inputs
•1 quad view of 4 inputs (video only)
•1 program/output stream
•1 line-in (audio-only) recording

Recording Media Types
•SD card slot (selected UHS speed class U3 and higher*)
•USB 3.0 hard drives, SSD drives - available via USB-C port (requires USB-C Expander - sold separately)

*See supported devices at MySlingStudio.com/compatibility

Playback of all recordings from the Console app

Timecode Syncing
•Import and time-align recordings directly to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X.
•Create a new program recording in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs, with all edits, effects and transitions preserved in the higher-quality program recording.


•Simultaneous recording and livestreaming of program output
•Max. bit rate for livestreaming: 8 Mbps (input source bit rates up to 30 Mbps) 

Platforms Supported
Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, Restream.io and other RTMP destinations

Production Switcher

Connect up to 10 video sources and monitor up to 4 using the Console app running on iPad* or Mac* (free download from the Apple App Store)

*Check for device compatibility.

Video Transitions
Cut, dissolve, wipe

Video Compositions
Picture-in-picture (PIP), multiple split views

Audio Mixer
•Full audio mixer functionality with monitoring mode support
•Adjustable audio delay up to 330 milliseconds to synchronize line-in audio with video

Text overlays, lower-thirds (title and scoreboard)

•JPG and PNG graphics (1920 x 1080 resolution) for live switching/production
•MP4 and MOV videos for live switching/production. Video requirements: ◦Maximum Bit Rate: 30 Mbps
◦Maximum File Size: 4 GB
◦Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080
◦Minimum Resolution: 100 x 100
◦Video Codec: H.264 (Profile: Baseline, Main & High, Level – up to 4.1)
◦Audio Sample Rate (Hz): 44100, 32000, 48000


Simultaneous Access Point and Client modes: 
•5 GHz 802.11ac Access Point/Hotspot mode to connect to an iPad (running the Console app) and different video sources (cameras/camcorders via CameraLink and/or iOS/Android phones)
•Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11ac Client mode to connect to the Internet for livestreaming

•HDMI Type A connector for video input
•HDMI Type C connector for video output
•SD card slot for recording (specific requirements apply*)
•3.5 mm mini-jack for 2-channel unbalanced audio line-in input
•USB Type C connector for connecting to hard drives or SSD drives
•SlingStudio USB-C Expander (sold separately) for connecting to USB 3.0 drives and Ethernet
•Power connector
•Battery-pack connector for SlingStudio Battery (sold separately)

*Visit MySlingStudio.com/compatibility for more information.

LED Indicators
•Power status LED (top of unit)
•Internet status LED
•Recording status LED

•Power button for on/off
•Reset button (pinhole)

Physical Attributes
•Size: (H) 7.87" x (W) 5.59" x (D) 3.54" / (H) 200 mm x (W) 142 mm x (D) 90 mm
•Weight: 1.43 lbs (653 g)

Sound Level
Silent - no fan or vents

Power Supply
•Input: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
•Output: 12 VDC, 4.16 A

Operating Temperature
32ºF to 95ºF (0º to 35ºC)

0 to 95% (non-condensing)

In the Box

•Power supply
•HDMI Type A-to-Type C cables for video input and output

Sold Separately

•CameraLink (makes any camera or camcorder wirelessly connect to SlingStudio)

•Battery Pack for portability (sold separately)

•USB-C Expander to support wired Ethernet connectivity for livestreaming and USB 3.0 for connecting hard drives and SSD drives for recording

•Backpack/carrying case

•Cable management accessory (coming soon)

Software Apps

SlingStudio Console App
(free for compatible iPad and Mac devices) 

•Monitoring of all input sources

•Recording: ◦Recording of all input sources, program stream, quad-view composite stream, and line-in audio

◦Playback of all recordings

◦Recordings are time-align-optimized for post-production workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X

•Switching between different sources to create a live cut/program stream

•Video transitions supported: cut, dissolve, and wipe

•Live broadcasting to Facebook and YouTube

•Editing: ◦Lower-third overlay

◦Text overlay

◦Multiple compositions (split view, PIP)

◦Saving compositions and lower-thirds

•Audio mixer: ◦Mutes/unmutes audio to program mix

◦Always-on audio (ON) or audio follows video (AFV) for all video input sources

◦Mixing audio line-in input

◦Volume fader control

◦Audio metering

◦Audio monitoring of inputs and program mix

•Dashboard: ◦Single location to visualize SlingStudio hotspot quality. For each connected device, the SlingStudio Hotspot Quality indicator provides real-time suggestions and troubleshooting tools for easy SlingStudio setup.

◦Livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, Restream.io and other RTMP destinations

◦Information on your event settings within a project context (video production mode, storage left for recording, Internet upload speeds for livestreaming, battery of each source, and battery indication for the SlingStudio Battery)

•HDMI output switching between quad-view input monitoring and program monitoring 

•Importing to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X 

•Saving lower-thirds/compositions 

•Recording playback 

•Storage: ◦SD card or USB hard drives/SSD drives

◦Real-time information on remaining hours of storage

◦Testing write speed of storage devices to validate real-time recording bit rates

◦Formatting of SD cards and USB drives

•Adjustable audio delay up to 330 milliseconds to synchronize line-in audio with video

•Importing graphics (JPG, PNG) and videos (MP4, MOV)

•Instant Program Replay

SlingStudio Capture App

(free for iPhone 6 or higher and Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher) 

•Support program tally

•Auto exposure



•Audio meter

•Manual focus/exposure lock support

•Battery indicator

•Seamless integration with the SlingStudio Console app to switch to different video production modes and bit rates

•Seamless connection to SlingStudio wirelessly. SlingStudio Hot Spot Quality indicator showing connection quality.