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  • JVC zRAMP-2


  • Brand: JVC
  • Product Code: zRAMP-2
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ZIXI zRAMP 4-in/4-out channel streaming management server

Unlock the advanced Zixi™ error correction that's built into your JVC camcorder! The CONNECTED CAM™ zRamp, powered by Zixi™, is the centerpiece for high quality IP video over the internet. This server receives streams from CONNECTED CAM™ and ProHD cameras and delivers them to decoders and content delivery (CDN) ingest points. zRamp lets you deliver streaming content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Zixi's advanced QoS compensates for occasional data loss when streaming over LTE and Wi-Fi networks, delivering a broadcast quality stream under any condition. Its friendly web interface simplifies management of multiple sources and stream destinations while providing remote access to JVC cameras. 

• Matrix routing — up to four inputs and outputs, depending on available bandwidth, output formats and zRamp model 

• Accepts multiple input streams from CONNECTED CAM and ProHD camcorders. 

• Multiple stream output (MPEG-TS, MP4, HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH) 

• Provides real time transcoding on output 

• Recording — VOD, Time Shift 

• Friendly, robust web user interface 

• Robust ARQ and Forward Error Correction 

• One-click camera control 

• Lifetime license